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Papaya leaves:- Benefits in Dengue prevention and cure


What is Dengue fever ?

Dengue Viral disease is an infectious disease caused by any of the four varieties of dengue virus, which are DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3, and DENV-4, respectively. The female Aedes mosquito is the most common carrier.Because it is a vector-borne disease, the dangerous virus is transmitted to people by a carrier and often manifests as a fever that lasts one to two weeks if treated appropriately.
Microbial infections are common during the monsoon season and frequently become epidemics. When a mosquito bites a person who has been infected with dengue virus, the transmissible agent is stored in the mosquito's body and subsequently transmitted to another person by its sting. Dengue fever is not communicable because it is spread by infected mosquitoes rather than directly from one person to another.
Dengue fever symptoms intensify if left untreated, resulting in bleeding, shock, cardiac issues, and liver damage, which is known as DSS (Dengue Shock Syndrome). DSS has the potential to result in death. As a result, once a person has contracted dengue fever, it is essential that they seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure proper treatment and complete recovery from the viral fever.

Symptoms of Dengue

Dengue fever is characterised by a high fever and excruciating headaches, as well as bodily soreness and muscular aches. Fatigue, nausea, and vomiting are also common, as are skin rashes and slight gum bleeding in those who are affected.
Blood tests will be performed by the doctor to see if the dengue virus is present in the patient's sample.
Dengue fever is mostly a mosquito-borne sickness that results from catching the dangerous dengue virus after being bitten by a carrier female Aedes mosquito. An outbreak of dengue fever mainly occurs during the monsoon season in hot, humid locations such as Asia and South America, due to certain contributing variables.
These include living in filthy surroundings, especially in tropical areas, leaving open puddles of contaminated water for mosquitoes to breed in, leaving windows and doors open wide to allow mosquitoes to breed, and not wearing properly hooded clothing to protect against mosquito bites.
Although these are the primary causes of dengue fever's easy and extensive transmission, some risk factors can also predispose a person to severe cases of the disease. The following are some of them:

1. Infants –
Dengue fever is particularly common among newborns, babies under the age of two, and toddlers, regardless of whether they are well-fed or malnourished.
2. Variations in genetics –
Certain gene aberrations, namely in proteins related with immunity in the body – MHC or major histocompatibility complex and specific types of human leukocyte antigens – have been discovered to play a role in making a person more susceptible to getting dengue fever.
3. Women –
Although the reason why dengue affects more women than men has yet to be scientifically determined, the virus is found to afflict females in greater numbers than males, and in a more severe manner.

4. Higher BMI –

According to research studies examining the people affected by dengue fever, it was discovered that many people with a higher than average BMI - body mass index - i.e. those suffering from overweight or obesity conditions - were more likely to contract the disease than those who maintained a healthy body weight.

Papaya leaves in Dengue fever –

In those suffering from dengue fever, papaya leaf extract can help raise platelet count. Dengue sufferers' platelet counts plummet, and it's possible that they'll die as a result. it's essential for patients to work toward increasing platelet count in dengue by involving nutraceuticals, and papaya leaf extract has been scientifically proven to help. During the rainy season, the incidence of dengue fever rises. Fever with chills, fever that does not go away, bodily pain, and headaches are all symptoms of the vector-borne sickness.

Papaya leaf extract benefits –

1. Luke emphasises the need of continuing your allopathic treatment while also consuming papaya leaf extract if you have been diagnosed with dengue or malaria. He claims that drinking papaya leaf extract will boost your red blood cell and platelet counts. The oxygen supply to the body's billions of cells is provided by red blood cells.

2. Increased oxygen levels in the body can improve your immune system, allowing you to recover from dengue fever more quickly.

3. Papaya leaf extract can also aid with fever reduction.

How It Works:

Papaya leaves include natural plant chemicals such as flavonoids and carotenes, which are potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecules that prevent harmful free radicals from damaging cells in the body. Furthermore, papaya leaves contain large amounts of acetogenin, a unique phytochemical with anti-malarial properties that increases platelet count and aids in the rapid recovery of patients suffering from dengue fever.

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