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Importance of Nutraceuticals in Daily Life

 Nutraceuticals are the pharmaceutically blended products that possess both nutritional as well as the medicinal value. Such products are designed to improve the physical health, fight against day-to-day challenges such as stress and increase longevity, etc. As per different epidemiological studies, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables and other naturally occurring food has beneficial effect on human health and also aids in the prevention of various diseases. Although the concept of using food as medicine has recently been at the forefront of wellness trends, but its foundation has been laid thousands of years back. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, quoted by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, almost 2500 years back is certainly the tenet of today. 

What are Nutraceuticals?


Nutraceuticals are “foods or dietary components that may provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition”. The concept of “nutraceutical” originated when people around different parts of Europe where surveyed and asked about the factors governing the good health. In the survey, people rated diet as the most significant factor to achieve good health over hereditary and exercise. The term “nutraceutical” was derived from “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical” by Stephen De Felice in 1989 and is defined as, “a food (or a part of food) that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and or treatment of a disease”. Nutraceuticals may be used to improve physiological functioning of body, prevent diseases, increase life expectancy and thus improves overall health. Examples of Nutraceuticals include green tea extract, Ginseng extract, grape seed extract, curcumin, cranberry extract, papaya, Vitamins (viz. A, B complex, C, D, H, Folic acid etc), Minerals (viz. Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, calcium, potassium, Manganese etc), Colostrum, omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, cod, liver oil,Prebiotics &Probiotics and Zeaxanthin etc

Unlike pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals can’t be patented as they occur naturally. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds can be used in conjunction to treat ailments, but only pharmaceutical compounds need government approval.  


 Classification of Nutraceuticals


Nutraceuticals may range from fruits, vegetables, novel or processes food, isolated nutrients, herbal products and dietary supplements. Nutraceuticals can be classified in different ways depending upon its ease of understanding and application.


On the basis of origin these can be classified as:

1. Traditional Nutraceuticals: These products are derived directly from natural sources and are used as such in their natural for without any changes. Theses can be further classified as:

(i) Chemical constituents

(a) Nutrients

(b) Herbals

(c) Phytochemicals

(ii) Probiotic microorganisms

(iii) Nutraceutical enzymes


2. Non-traditional Nutraceuticals: These products are derivative of natural products which are enriched with supplements or biotechnologically modified to boost their nutritional value. Theses can be further classified as:

(i) Fortified Nutraceuticals

(ii) Recombinant Nutraceuticals


On the basis of food source these can be classified as:

1. Dietary Fibre

2. Probiotics

3. Prebiotics

 4. Polyunsaturated fatty acids

5. Antioxidant vitamins

6. Polyphenols

7. Spices


Rise of Nutraceuticals

The rise of nutraceuticals has increased over the past few years and they are being used for various therapeutic benefits. The major reason for gain in popularity of nutraceuticals is their high therapeutic potential, safety and almost no toxicity. From a safety point of view nutraceuticals are trusted products even if they are not approved by regulatory authorities like pharmaceutical products. Numerous clinical studies and trials that have been carried out, support the effectiveness as well as safety of the nutraceuticals. The global Nutraceutical market was estimated to be around US $250 billion in 2018 and showing no signs of declining in popularity, and is projected to reach $578.23 billion by 2025.


Increased awareness about the relationship between food and health are constantly persuading more people to incorporate the benefits of nutraceuticals into their health regimen. General health trends, lifestyle, disease status and aging population are among the major governing factor influencing the growth of the nutraceutical market. Due to improved medical facilities the average life expectancy has been increased. However, several age-related diseases like muscle loss, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, asthma and arthritis are also on the rise as populations live longer. Besides this due to Sedentary lifestyles along with the stress and pollution various health issues arises. They may lead to generation of free radical which fasten the aging process, and can only be mitigated through the action of antioxidants. Further, as we age, the efficiency to remove these free radicals by the antioxidant defence systems in our body decreases. Consumption of food or supplements having good antioxidant potential can balance the free radical and antioxidant level and, thus, reduces the oxidative stress in our body. Prevention strategies are preferred and are more acceptable among people in order to minimize the suffering in a patient’s life. Dietary modification or dietary supplements are one such strategy to deal with oxidative stress.


Nutraceuticals- Daily Essentials for Quality Life

Nutraceuticals have wide array of physiological and psychological effect which helps in treatment of various ailments.The benefits of nutraceuticals are infinite and new roles are being discovered every day. Nutraceuticals have been used to: 

·         improve overall health

·         boost energy

·         boost immunity

·         improves liver and kidney functions

·         improve mental clarity and anxiety disorder

·         improve reproductive health like infertility

·         prevent chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, liver disease etc

·         delay the aging process

·         have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

·         improve muscle mass and growth

·         improve bone health and growth

·         support and regulate body functions 

·         eye care

 Where to get Nutraceuticals?

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