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Albumen Power 2KG

  • Category : Protein Supplement
  • Sub Category : Powder


  • An albumen protein in the form of pure dried egg whites is often used to measure protein in other sources
  • Similarly to serum albumin, albumen (egg white) is nature’s best source of protein, which is easily absorbed and utilized for muscle growth
  • Compared with other protein sources of food, egg white protein helps you build more muscle mass
  • Excellent amino acid profile, with BCAA 5.15gm & L-Glutamine 3.16gm , which stimulates muscle protein synthesis, relieves fatigue, improves immunity, and recovers the muscle fiber after a hard workout
  • In one serving (about 31 grams), MealO Albumen supplies 23.25 grams of 100 percent bioavailable protein
  • No matter if it’s Day or Night, MealO Albumen has the best anabolic activity and shows prolonged absorption


Product Information

Product Name Albumen Power
Product Weight 2kg
Product origin Egg Protein
Flavour Mango
No. of Serving 64
Protein content 23.25G
BCAA content 5.15G



Nutritional Content

Nutrients Per 31g Per 100g
Energy 99.5 Kcal 321Kcal
Carbohydrates 0.62G 2.0 G
Albumen Protein 23.35G 75 G
Fat 0.46G 1.5G
Vitamin A 558 mcg 1798.2 mcg
Vitamin B1 77.5mcg 200mcg
Vitamin B2 0.46mg 1.5mg
Vitamin B3 4.13mg 13.32 mg
Vitamin B6 155mcg 500 mcg
Vitamin B12 0.31mcg 1 mcg
Niacinamide 5.58mg 17.98 mg
(Calcium D Pantothenate) 1.71 mg 5.49 mg
D-Biotin 20.15 mcg 65 mcg
Folic Acid 31 mcg 100 mcg
Vitamin C 6.2mg 20mg
Vitamin E 2.48mg 8mg
Calcium 60mg 200mg
Phosphorous 29.45mg 95mg
Iron 0.77mg 2.50mg
Zinc 0.31mg 1mg
Magnesium 49.6mcg 160mcg
Sod Selenate 12.4 mcg 40 mcg
Chromium 9.3mcg 30mcg


  Amino Acid (g/100g)
Alanine 4.96
Arginine 4.65
Aspartic Acid 8.22
Cysteine 2.17
Glutamic Acid 10.54
Glycine 2.79
Histidine 1.86
Isoleucine 4.34
Leucine 6.82
Lysine 5.12
Methionine 3.02
Phenylalanine 4.73
Proline 3.1
Serine 5.5
Threonine 3.64
Tryptophan 1.32
Tyrosine 3.18
Valine 5.58