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Gold Series BCX Advanced

  • Category : Sports Supplements
  • Sub Category : Ready To Drink

Gold series BCX Advanced Mix fruit flavour BCAA 7G

Bcx Advance is highly bio available liquid form of BCAAs contains 7g of (3.5g Leucine : 1.7g Iso-Leucine: 1.7g Valine) in the clinically studied 2:1:1 ratio, Liquid BCAA ensures absorption in a faster way.

Benefits of MealO Gold series BCX Advanced

  • Gives Efficient Recovery.
  • Fuels mind and muscles.
  • Promotes Lean muscle.
  • Burns fat for fuel.

Gold series  BCX Advanced BCAA  is a tested and trusted workout supplement that features the branched-chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, which work together to support improved performance, lean muscle building, and accelerated muscle recovery. Since there is no caffeine added. This caffeine-free thermogenic recovery formula has been infused with a delicious Mix Fruit Flavour. It mixes easily with ice-cold water and is crisp and refreshing to drink.

Pack size: 280ml




Nutritional Information

Nutrients Unit Per Serving
Energy kcal 0
Carbohydrate G 0
Sugar 0.0g G 0
Protein G 0
Fat G 0
Instantized Bcaa Blend g 7
L-Leucine -3.5g
Iso-Leucine – 1.75g
L-Valine – 1.75g